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Emmit Jones Koffee

& Roastery

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A Journey Through Coffee's Finest Origins

Emmitt Jones Koffee is a dynamic global coffee producer passionate about showcasing the world's finest specialty coffee beans. We source and curate exceptional Arabica and Robusta beans from renowned coffee-growing regions across the globe. Our dedication to quality and diversity ensures a rich tapestry of unique and exquisite flavor profiles for coffee enthusiasts everywhere.

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Beyond Indonesia: Embracing Global Coffee 

While Indonesia is our foundation, we venture beyond its borders. We source premium beans from around the world and directly from Specialty farms, adding a vibrant and complex dimension to our offerings.

Our Mission:

Sharing Extraordinary Coffee Experiences Our core aspiration is to introduce high-quality specialty coffees to the global market. We believe that each cup offers a journey through distinct flavors and exceptional experiences, showcasing the finest beans from diverse coffee-growing regions worldwide.

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Coffee Tree Harvesting

From Bean to Brew

A Journey Through Coffee

Our journey culminates with the expertise of our roasters. They meticulously roast each batch to unlock the unique flavor profile of the beans. This delicate process ensures you experience the full spectrum of flavors, from the subtle nuances to the bold characteristics that define each Emmitt Jones Koffee origin.

Indonesia's unique volcanic soil and ideal tropical climate provide the perfect foundation for our coffee story. We cultivate high-quality Arabica and Robusta beans in these rich volcanic soils, fostering the diverse flavor profiles that set our coffee apart. Each cup can transport you, from the spicy earthiness of Sumatran beans to the floral and fruity notes of Javan beans.

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We believe in ethical sourcing and work closely with experienced Indonesian and Ethiopian growers who prioritize sustainable practices. This ensures the well-being of the environment and the communities we partner with. Skilled harvesters meticulously handpick only the ripest coffee cherries, ensuring the highest quality beans that will translate into exceptional flavor in your cup.





Our processing methods are a closely guarded secret, but rest assured, we meticulously choose them to unlock each bean's full potential. We source beans that likely underwent processing techniques optimized for their specific origin, highlighting their unique flavor profile. This might involve the washed method for clean, bright cups, the natural method for fruity complexity, or the honey process for a balanced middle ground. For bean to grow 

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Puntang, ARABICA

Puntang coffee is prized for its balanced and complex flavor profile. It's a great choice for coffee enthusiasts who appreciate nuanced and distinctive flavors.

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Its limited availability and potential for a unique flavor profile make it a treasure for those seeking something beyond the usual Arabica or Robusta coffees.

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Lampung, ROBUSTA

Robusta coffee offers a bold and intense flavor experience and higher caffeine content. it lacks the sweetness and acidity of Arabica beans.

"As a busy professional, I need my coffee to be quick and convenient, but I still crave good flavor. Emmitt Jones Koffee's pre-ground Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is a lifesaver! It brews perfectly in my French press every time, and the floral and citrusy notes are a refreshing pick-me-up throughout the day. Plus, knowing it's ethically sourced gives me peace of mind."

- David L,. Marketing Manager





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